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Staging Business Strategy Call

For 1 hour you get to pick my brain about anything related to helping you with your staging business.


On this call we can discuss your goals for your staging business, where are you now, where do you want to be and how can I help guide you in your next steps.


You may have more questions about getting started, pricing...anything staging related is on the table for discussion in this hour long call.


Be sure to make note of any questions you have as you go through the e-book training. This will help you get the most out of our call.

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Staging Business Startup Course 

This course is an ON DEMAND training that you can take at your own pace.


You will learn how to start a home staging business with no inventory. This on-demand course is targeted at the woman who needs to work in these trainings around her busy schedule going at her own pace.

You will be given video trainings that you can go back and review at your leisure.


When you are done with this course you will be able to start your home staging business immediately. With no inventory at all!

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This course is the Staging Startup Course on steroids! You get a 6 hour live intensive training with me. There's no extra fluff here. We get right to work.


In this hands on training you will learn how to start a home staging business with no inventory. We will discuss things like pricing, contracts, staging vs design, finding your clients and so much more. We will also be implementing during the training.


If you take action, then at the end of the training you will walk away armed with what you need to start your staging business with no inventory immediately!

Elite Home Stagers Course 

This course is a 6 week live training that will walk you through how to start a home staging business and grow it organically.

You will learn:

- pricing strategies

- how to secure clients

- what staging revenue stream is right for you (there are multiple)


You'll also get:

- templates, contracts and spreadsheets

- live weekly calls

- 9 months access to me for support

 And soooo much more!


Lisa Driver, MI


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